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2023–2024 Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships from the Islamic Development Bank

2023–2024 Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships from the Islamic Development Bank

For undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students from all eligible nations, a new round of the IsDB Scholarship Program will soon open. The Islamic Development Bank Scholarship 2023/2024, which is fully funded, will be available to interested candidates who wish to enroll in a full-time degree program.

As part of its broader initiatives to develop the human resources of both its member countries and the Muslim communities in non-member countries, the Bank finances and administers its scholarship programs.

Islamic Development Bank is the program’s sponsor.

Full scholarships are available.

Public or government universities in their home countries are eligible to receive the scholarship.

Funding for the entire scholarship.

There have been several awards.

Undergraduate and graduate study levels.

IsDB member nations and least developed nations are their nationalities.

Islamic Development Bank Scholarship | Details 2023/2024.
The IsDB offers the following six scholarship programs:.

  • Undergraduate.
  • Master’s.
  • PhD and Post-Doctoral Research Program.
  • IsDB-ISFD for Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) for the following 21 Least Developed Member Countries (LDMCs): Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Comoros, Djibouti, The Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Togo, Uganda, and Yemen.
  • IsDB-ISFD Bachelor studies are available to the 21 LDMCs listed in No. 4 above.
  • IsDB and The World Academy of Science (TWAS) Joint Program for Capacity Building and Technology Transfer.

eligibility standards.
The Islamic Development Bank Scholarship is intended for academically talented students who have a strong desire to participate in community development and social services after graduation. The application will not be taken into consideration if the candidate does not ensure that they meet all of the program’s requirements listed below.

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Must be a citizen of one of the Muslim-majority nations that are not IsDB members or one of their nations.
A Muslim must be a candidate from a non-member nation.
Must have a high school diploma or be enrolled in one of the top 10 public or government universities in his or her home country.
He or she must have a final high school GPA of at least 70%. (Scholarship for college undergrads).
must have a GPA for his or her undergraduate studies of at least 70%. (Master’s Scholarship).
must select a discipline from the list of those the program has approved.
Must offer proof of language proficiency in the university’s preferred medium of instruction. A document or certificate, such as one evidencing language proficiency, is required. g. , for English, by passing a required level test administered by the British Council or by an equivalent system in French or another language, or by a recognized language certificate such as the TOEFL, IELTS, or passed).
All documents, even if they were originally written in another language, must be accompanied by a certified English or French translation.
At the time of application and while enrolled in school, the applicant cannot be receiving any other scholarships.
Medically sound and ready to submit to testing after selection.

Additional Qualifications for Postdoc and PhD.

a PhD thesis.

possess a master’s degree in one of the program’s fields of study.
Have minimum (“Very Good”) academic standing;.
preferably possess professional or academic experience.
Prepare a research proposal in one of the program’s fields of study that outlines its applicability to the community or nation in terms of development and science.
being in good health and willing to submit to testing after selection.

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Post-doctoral research.

possess a PhD in a field that the program has approved.
possess a “Very Good” or better academic standing.
possess at least two (2) years of research-related experience.
must have a track record of research and publications in the same field.
Have a research proposal outlining one of the program’s areas of study, along with a statement about how it will advance science and the community or nation.
possess a healthy body and be prepared to submit to testing after selection.

Application processes.

How to Apply: In keeping with the Program’s guiding principles, it is up to each student to apply for admission. The top 10 public or government universities in the chosen students’ home countries must admit them. The IsDB may occasionally request admission in a member nation that has signed an agreement with the IsDB.

Candidates who meet the requirements can apply online for the 2023–2024 Islamic Development Bank Scholarship. A profile must be made by you.

application deadline: To be updated



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